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Angere Dark
Angere Dark is produced in our Havza marble site, which has been operating since 2006.

It is dark beige and has high homogeneity and durability.

Similar to Bursa beige, this marble receives high demand from both local and foreign markets.
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Angere Light
The product, which is produced in our Havza site, constitutes the large majority of reserve.

Due to its homogenous structure and light color, it has a strong demand and position in the market.

It is a product desired by architects who are willing to be extraordinary in their creations.
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Eyra Fossil
This marble produced in our Isparta site has high fossil content and in beige color.

It has a high level of block efficiency, with no problem faced in gang saw and ST cuts.

It is considered to be among the promising products in our newly opened Isparta quarry.
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Eyra Gold
The name of the second marble product in our Isparta site is Eyra Gold.

It has the same characteristics with Eyra fossil, does not have any fossil content, and is in yellowish beige color.

It is among our products especially demanded in the China market.
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